Report on Bromsgrove Brass Band Summer School


The Drunken Horn said:
Had a great time this year although i am not sure my liver did. Must remember to take some Resolve next year if i go!

Tim, did i try to do some Break Dancing on the Thursday night! I have a nasty feeling i did! I'll have to drink more next year so i can't remember!


You definetly made an attempt at the break dancing...... wasn't to successful!!!


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Hilary Mateer said:
Great fun but very tiring :!:
Very alcoholic as well :)
Didn't get to bed till after 4:30 am on Thursday morning, then I slept till after midday on Sunday and missed playing Clarinet at church :(

Best bit was the march contest - we won, we won, we won :D
playing BB and CF too - was a great laff. I'll never drink Coke ever again!


well i came along on the wednesday to the tutors concert and had such a good time i didnt want to leave! i intended staying for a couple of hours and ended up not leaving till after bowling that night! wish i'd been able to see the dancing on the thursday night though, from talking to people that night it sounded like you all had a wicked time! i am definitely coming along next year!
backrowbloke said:
Congrats to the Grimley team (was that the team name...too much guiness to remember properly :? ) on winning the equiz - but please learn a new song for next time....Try 'Yogi's got a little friend'??? :wink:

i'd just like to say we were called the grimmey black steel workers band because i got confused ove the name of my band in the march contest which i now think was the grimmey black pipe workers band or sommat like that??? :?
there was nothing wrong with our rendition of the lion king, it just popped into my head, and it was cool 8)
what a brill course, i cant quite remember all of it.....still, but the music was brill and all you guys were too. anyone wanting to give it a try dont wait get in contact with mr biggs and come along next year you wont regret it!!!!!!!

lou k
yea, the course this year was good. preferred last year but thats just personal preferance. only just back from edinburgh fest so not posted for a while. mike, r u really gonna buy owen anotther bottle of wine or do you want stoppin next time??!!!

n the grimmey black pipeworks band absolutely rocked. of course!

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