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When posting a reply , is it possible to get rid of the bits of the quote you don't want..Brian


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Yes, it is.. see below

all you do is edit the contents between the [ quote ] and [ /quote ] bits

Brian said:
Yes it is, Brian. In fact, you can put anything you want in here

Sorry for putting words into your mouth.. ;)

Hope this helps.

P.S. Oh I should point out that changing the contents completely, or putting someone else's name on a quote will be looked on disfavourably by the moderators.. not that anyone would do such an underhanded thing, of course..
The above "misquote" is an example, to facilitate the pruning of quotes to highlight salient points.


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actually, yes, it does sound a bit pompous..
sorry about that, although I emphatically state that there was none of the forementioned untoward employment of a thesaurus..

and "disfavourably" should probably read: "with disfavour" *ahem* :oops:

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