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It's a long way from you, but there's a "good old boy" (there's a bit of Berkshire for you! :)) near Newbury who is excellent. He charges about £2.50 for a complete overhaul (Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit, but not by much). I can get his address is you want.


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Again a bit of a treck for you but there is a great bloke in the Forest of Dean Frank Fiddler I can get his number and address for you if you want


I've been to a guy called Bill Brooks in ashton a few times, and he's really good and very reasonable! He hardly charges anything, and usually does loads of 'touch ups' at no extra cost aswell!


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yey becky!! try sounds great see how much they are they did this old trumpet i have and it is alright now!!

also u have the added pleasure of been able to pop round the corner to see me :biggrin:


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andegg said:
Hi Becky,

Long time no see. How about contacting Paul Andrews from Wire Brass? The website for his brass repair business is



hey andrea

hope your well, cheers was thinking about paul but tis all delt with now, should get her back on weds!!!! Thanks again

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