Rendering problems with Chrome


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Since the recent upgrade, the formatting of some pages in Chrome (75) has changed so as to make reading of posts very difficult (see attached screenshot). The same pages render correctly in IE (11) and Firefox (68). Occasionally, the page will render correctly in Chrome but it does not remain that way for long.

I appreciate that this is a problem with the forum software itself and that the tMP admins have limited control over it, but there may be a patch available if other users have experienced something similar.



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tMP Staff

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My apologies for you having issues with the site rendering. I've updated the software, has that fixed it for you?

Pauli Walnuts

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I get it occasionally still - just now, moving to the second page of a thread, the formatting was once again there.

John Brooks

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I've not mentioned it before but I've also seen (and am currently seeing) this. No big deal, I can still do what I want to, it just looks messy.


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I get it sporadically too, but just on some messages-for example this post is fine, but there's a recent post for a cornet for sale from johnpeter which is distorted


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