Remington Warm Up Studies

Nick Hudson

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As far as I'm aware there isn't a treble clef version of these studies. However, they should be very easy to put through Sibelius, the majority are based on partial exercises and the remainder chromatic.

These are invaluable exercises, I try to get through the book daily - keeps the foundations strong.

Best of luck!


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YPLMO said:
Thanks Nick, where can I purchase a copy of the Remington studies?? Any recommendations?

I'd try the usual suspects (warwick brass, the music room - type em in to google I can't remember the urls!). Can't remember where I got my copy from (i suspect it 'fell' into my bag at some point). Try playing them in bass clef too!!!!


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Thanks for the info, I'll just have to learn bass clef or find someone who knows how to use Sibelius :D


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Can anyone advise on which exercises to play? There is a sample routine at the back but I would be interested to hear of anyone elses practice routines.

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