Remembarance sunday


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I have sounded the last post and revielle, for a few years now at a local center in telford.

There is one Gentleman there every year, that always brings a tear to my eye. He walks the parade through the streets of Hadley, and every year waits for the local dignitaries, and other groups to place there poppy reathes on the cenotaph. he then marches up to the cenotaph places a single poppy on it, salutes, waites, then turns and marches away.

I dont know why but i always find this a moving moment. I think the most difficult last post i play will be the one when i dont see him standing there.

does anybody else have any moving moments from this service of rememberance?



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I've been doing the Last Post+Reveille for longer than I care to remember, two parades every year. I always feel it's a real pressure job as I feel I have to be spot on, it's such an important occasion. I could have died for the poor guy at the Queen Mother's funeral that split the last note.
I think the silence is the most moving time, in this world people rarely have time to stop and think, especially about something like war.

Good luck to all those bugling on Sunday.

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