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Manx Concert Brass will be taking part in the Second Section Finals in Dundee in September.
We have just been advised by our hotel that they now have a wedding booked in for Saturday 20th September, so we will be unable to have any rehearsals there.

Does anybody know of a band room or rehearsal facility that may be available for us to use for rehearsals on the Saturday.
We would require for most of the day, and also from approx 7-10pm on the Saturday night.

We are staying in Perth so anything around the Perth/Dundee area would be ideal

If you can help please e-mail me at

Thanks for your help


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I'm going back very many years, but I was borm & raised in Dundee.

It might be worth approaching Dundee Town Council ( or maybe Tayside Council)., The old Dundee Youth Orchestra used to rehearse in a room (gianormous) in Bell Street.

It is possible that this room may still be available.

The acoustics were reasonable, though a bit unforgiving.

Worth a try.

Good luck,

Ron Macdonald

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