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I play with Wem Jubilee Band and we have our own band room in the grounds of Adams School, Wem.

I was a member of the band in the days before they owned the bandroom and it was a real pain having to lug all the equipment and music around, but now it's like a home from home with all the old photo's on the walls etc.


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We've had our own bandroom for years.. Originally a single room built on the site of a morgue, believe it or not (Gives new meaning to the term "playing fit to raise the dead")
In 1991 we started a drive to build a new one, as the old premises were a bit ramshackle, and in late 1995 demolition and construction started. We've been in the place since 1997, and had a fanfare "Ovation" composed to celebrate the official opening. I think we managed to just avoid the building boom, as the building cost a mere IR£40,000

We managed to raise all the money ourselves too! (eventually)

Next plans, some more stories and an in-house bar! :)

Our Bandroom!

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we don't have our own band room, we rehearse in the school our md teaches in, as well as the principle and 2nd trombone. the rest of the band is mostly made up of kids from the school, although its half and half. we have a very young band.


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we have out own bandroom although it is just about to fall apart!!!!!! It is getting re-done...well the plans have been up for a while.....eventually we were have a snazzy bandroom !!


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We don't :( we use the local Methodist Church, though fortunatley their very accomodating and let us steal cupboard space for equipment.


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We have our own modern building thanks to a Lottery grant from the Arts Council of Wales and further grants from other sources (local Council, Foundation for Sport and the Arts).

We even got to play on the National Lottery tv show in the week prior to the re-opening.

Photos and more details can be seen at our web-site:


At Jackfield Band we have our own rehearsal room which we are very proud of.

It is in fact an old Methodist Chapel that we bought of the 'Telford Development Corporation' for the princely sum of £5 - It was in a state of ruin. Over the years we did it up - it needed almost rebuilding, we had work parties on a sunday morning and puts lots of time effort and money into the project, it took about 8 years to complete.

We now have a great rehearsal room, with a nice plush toilet, kitchen and library! we even use it for social occasions.

A lot of hard work but defenitley worth it.


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Besses have had the same bandroom for about 100 years.. not had the bar that long i imagine, but then again i havnt played for them for a hundred years.



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We are lucky enough to own our own Kippax Band Club which has a members Bar and a Function Room that can seat about 200 people.
The Club is open every night for various activities eg. Line Dancing, Sequence Dancing etc, and we hire out the function room for Wedding Receptions, Birthdays, Christenings and Disco's etc, and of course the band (Kippax) present a concert there on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 7.30pm (Includes Bingo and Raffle)
The Club members even formed thier own Soccer team at one time and they played Sunday League as Kippax Band Club FC (No Band members were involved !!)
We have a self contained Bandroom behind the Club with a Car Park for about 30 vehicles.
We are VERY fortunate.


We have our own band club that puts on all kind of events (Country Music, private parties etc.) as well as housing all the gear and providing rehearsal facilities for us and the youth band. We also put on Sunday night band concerts, in fact Pennine Brass are playing this very Sunday (12th Oct 8pm start)!!!!!!!

Roger Thorne

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dyl said:
We have our own modern building thanks to a Lottery grant from the Arts Council of Wales and further grants from other sources (local Council, Foundation for Sport and the Arts).
Photos and more details can be ssen at our web-site:
Having been involved with Deiniolen Band in recent months I can honestly say their Bandroom is the 'Best Band HQ I've ever seen'. If you are ever driving through North Wales its certainly worth taking the time to have a look. I'm pretty sure you'd be made most welcome if you wanted to have a blow too.



We have had a bandroom ever since our band has been formed. Though we have moved once or twice.
We rent from the council at a very cheap rate and currently have a set of 5 rooms in an old Brewery!


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In the Salvation Army we normally practice in the hall that is usually owned by the Corps iteself. I have on accasions been in places where one of other rooms has been large enough to rehearse in, but most often we use the main worship hall. The great advantage we have in our new building is that we are able to leave all the percussion kit permanently set up, which saves a lot of time and effort for the percussionists.

The one drawback is that the buildings are used by other groups at various times, so for the last couple of weeks the start of our practice has had to compete with the timbrel group who were practising for a couple of events coming up. As space in the hall is at a premium, especially when it comes to storage, we don't have a bandroom per se: there is cupboard space in the cryroom ( :!: ) for basses and music, and the rest of the band take their instruments home.


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At Emley we've our own bandroom, we were given the land in around 1900, and so we're in a great position

We hire our bandroom out to other users, here's a tip, £300 for the bandrom for voting in local elections!!


We have a bandroom rented from the council unfortunately. It is in a bit of a state of disrepair, as it has been standing 180 years approx. It used to be the old gymnasium and mill owner's cottage that have been knocked through to make one building.

We have got some plans together for modernisation, and are looking for any help and assisstance for grant suggestions. Where are the best places to ask? All suggestions greatfully received!
We've not got one :( .

Luckily though we get the use of the local FE college hall to rehearse in. This can be a pain though when they need the hall for something else as we have to move.

The band has been saving for a number of years to buy a bandroom, the problem we've got is that being a nice Cathedral City a commutable distance from London property prices are sky high. To get a plot/property to rehearse in we are probably looking at the thick edge of half a million pounds!! :shock:


Menai Bridge Bandroom

The band that I conduct have got a cracking venue and the band just celebrated 100 years of being there (any excuse for a party!!!). We had lots of things on display from the bands history like the original bass drum with the decoration on it, the band's G trombone and the 100 year old BB bass.

We were actually on S4C (welsh TV) last night after they had heard about the centenary thing in the local paper and they came to film us.

It got renovated 2 years ago with a grant from the lottery for £35000 and we were able to buy new equipment like new seats and stands.

Click on here to have a look

(plus it's miles better than Deiniolen's Dyl!!!! :wink: )

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