Regional Xmas Celebration Party?

Just thinking the other day about how many assocaitions have xmas gatherings, and what a dam good idea it would be for our band movement!

Image if your area held a dinner dance party for all its member bands, the atmosphere would be great!

Its already common fact that players move from band to band. and help each other, well, this would be the ideal opportunity for people to have a reunion on a grand scale!!

Each band could have their own table, clearly marked and fun little competetions could be held!

No Playing allowed!!!!!

Just think of the fun!!

Its too late for this year, but come on people, could it be possible, or am I on the obvious road to failure!

Any thoughts / Ideas???????

Good excuse for a booze up! (pop for you kids of course!!)


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it sounds like a good idea to me, the only thing is that you would need to find somewhere big enough for a few hundred people at least!
and if i go ill be drinking either "lemonade" or "fresh orange juice".
Plenty of decent places around, including banqueting suites etc etc that cater for hundreds!

As a further point, it could also be used as a minor fund raising excercise for the association!

Come on secretaries, lets here your views!


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Fab idea - and in theory, the regional commitees or local associations could get it organised - after all they should already got good contacts with every band. I know SCABA did a dinner dance thingy to celebrate their centenary a few years back - not sure how well attended it was though.

On a smaller scale, how about tMP meet ups? There must be enough bods now to get decent sized gatherings in London, Brum, Manchester etc...


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Great idea, but it would require lots of planning and expenses :?
If it would work it'd be great fun though! :D I'd certainly be up for it
Well the catering would possibly dealt with by the venue, and all it would require from the association would be the invitations, the date and where!

I dont think it would be too difficult, companies, clubs and other associations seem to be able to do it year in year out with little complications!

Why not us?


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Good idea in theory...
Sadly there would only be 3/4 on my band table, we'd look like Billy NoMates and we'd lose all the fun little competitions. :cry:
i think the logistics would be improbable. Anyway we already have regional meet-ups, they're called contests.... :lol:



Sounds like a cracking idea in principle. Unfortunately our area (NWABBA) can't even have a decent website, so the chances of them organising a dinner are unlikely I would have thought!

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