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After a discussion with a friend of mine about what pieces we played and when I realised I had a completely "fuzzy" memory about what I had played in the last 18 years of contesting so I thought I'd try and piece together as many as I could.

Well I got back to 1998 and ran out of memory and web resources. Can anyone help me "fill in the blanks" so to speak.

So far I have : (in section order 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, Champ)

2003 Lydian Pictures
Northern Landscapes
Celestial Prospect
Passacaglia On of Theme of Brahms

2002 Suite in B flat for Brass Band
St Austell Suite
Symphony for Brass band
Royal Parks
Whitsun Wakes

2001 Sinfonietta Pastorale
The Moor of Venice
The Undaunted

2000 Haslemere Suite
Narnia Suite
The Sword, Jewel and Mirror
Music for the Common Man
Variations on an Enigma

1999 Indian Summer
Main Street
Symphonic Suite For Brass Band

1998 Solemn Melody / Scenes from a comedy
Three Saints
Culloden Moor
Purcell Variations

1997 ?

Any more anyone? (and was I right with Hollywood?)


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At last - an use for my historical competition results page on our web-site!! ;)

1997 - 3rd Section - Tintagel
1996 - 3rd Section - Divertimento
1995 - 3rd Section - Snowdon Fantasy
1994 - 3rd Section - Choral & Toccata
1993 - ???
1992 - 3rd Section - Suite for Brass
1991 - 3rd Section - Triptych
1990 - 4th Section - Summer Fantasy
1989 - 4th Section - Music for Brass
1988 - 4th Section - Stantonbury Festival
1987 - 4th Section - Voices of Youth



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Cheers Dyl, I'll add em to the list.

I know Metropolis and Oceans are in there somewhere, I think they were Second or Third Section (possibly Metropolis in 1993? ). Also Rhapsody for brass I think was there somewhere along with Little Suite for Brass.

Keep em coming folks, we'll get there! (and I'll stick it on a web page and bung a link in here somewhere to it).


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Championship Section:

1997 Lowry Sketchbook, Philip Wilby
1996 Sounds, John Golland
1995 Un vie de matelot, Robert Farnon
1994 Partita, Philip Sparke
1993 Of men & mountains, Edward Gregson
1992 Frontier, Michael Ball
1991 Journey into freedom, Eric Ball
1990 The beacons, Ray Steadman Allen
1989 Prisms, Peter Graham

(Incidentally, it seems a shame that Of Men and Mountains has still not been used at a major finals in the UK. I know there were concerns over its length at the time, but I'm sure we have had other pieces since that are as long, and where setting the stage has added to the time needed per band.)


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From memory:

1991 Four Fors for Brass - 4th Section
1992 Suite for Brass (Jan Seegers) - 3rd Section
1993 Ship Builders - 3rd Section
1994 Salford Sinfonietta - 2nd Section
1995 Snowdon Fantasy - 3rd Section
Land of the Long White Cloud - 1st section
1996 Divertimento (Bryan Kelly) 3rd Section
Spectrum - 1st section
1997 Tintagel - 2nd Section
Ballet for Band - 1st section



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Some more bits from the records I keep Ignore the names, the are the guys who conducted us.

1989 Championship A.Whittaker Prisms
1990 Championship K.Anderson Beacons
1991 First Section K.Anderson Masque
1992 First Section G.Walker ?
1993 First Section
1994 First Section
1995 First Section K.Wardle Long White Cloud
1996 First Section K.Wardle Spectrum
1997 Championship K.Wardle Lowery Sketchbook
1998 Championship I.Colley Montage


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Ah got it ...

Hollywood 1996 2nd section

The 97 Second Section piece was New Buckingham Suite (Egg and a Bucket "cluck, cluck!") I remember at the time being SO glad we'd been promoted!


Very fuzzy young memory I was 12 when I first contested I think!!!
2nd section around 1995/1996 Oceans or Celtic suite - they were successive years I think.
Also dimensions would be 2nd/3rd section similar time but that is the best I can do!
I remember my brother playing shipbuilders then the following year I contested for the 1st time on oceans I think!!!
But salford sinfonietta sounds familiar
Sorry I have not been more help!!!!!! :oops: :!:


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OK, Heres what I'm currently missing :

4th Section (eveyrthing up to) 1986
3rd Section (everything up to) 1990
2nd Section (everything up to) 1992 and 1995
1st Section '92 and '93 (IIRC The first section was formed in 1990?)
Champ (evething up to) 1988

So I've pretty much Nailed 1996 - Today

As soon as I get a chance I'll stick it on some web space.

Of course a true BOC would put the winners and runners up for each area..... I'm not that sad! :D (or am I :? )


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Let's see...

1992 4th section - Seafarers - Bruce Fraser
1993 2nd section - Oceans - Goff Richards
1994 2nd section - A Salford Sinfonietta - Darrol Barry
1995 2nd section - Rococo Variations - Tchaikovsky, arr. Allan Street.
1996 1st section - Spectrum - Gilbert Vinter
1997 1st section - Ballet for Band - Joseph Horovitz
1998 on you've got all of.

Spectrum was also the 2nd section area piece in 1969, if I remember my history correctly. Or was it the finals?



Championship Area pieces (from memory)

1988 Ballet for Band
1987 Diversions on a Bass Theme
1986 Variations on a Theme of Haydn (St.Anthony Chorale)
1985 Contest Music
1984 Waverley
1983 Images
1982 Essay
1981 Variations on Shining River
1980 Beatrice & Benedict
1979 Variations for Brass Band
1978 Belmont Variations
1977 Pageantry
1976 Spectrum
1975 Journey Into Freedom
1974 Variations on a 9th

I don`t go back any further I`m afraid



The First section pieces that someone was after from 1992 and 1993 were Celebration by Eric Ball and Forest of Dean (cant remember composer) respectfuly.
My first area was in 1975 playing Partita by Edward Gregson in the 3rd section.
Haven't heard it in years,it has a fantastic cornet solo in the middle movement. Maybe some lower section conductors may fancy have a look at it for next years contest season?

Anyone else remember this piece?

As regards all other area pieces I've done since '75, dont think I could rememmber them all.


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Forest of Dean is by Derek Bourgeois.

Bantock's The Frogs of Aristophanes was used, I think for the first section, in 1971, 2 or 3, as I remember slipping in to hear some performances when we were playing in the 2nd section.

2nd section pieces at that time may have included Carnival Romain, The White Company and Four Corners of the World - I know we played them in contests, but I'm not sure if it was at the areas!


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Thanks to everyone, still not complete but getting there!

So far we have :

All Championship from 74 up to today
All 1st from 1991 (except 1994)
All 2nd from 1993
All 3rd from 1992
All 4th from 1987

Still can't figure out where Metropolis goes! I know I played it but whether it was 3rd or 2nd section I can't remember. I Suspect it was 3rd in 1990.


Hi Steve, the first section came into being in 1992 so if the only one you are looking for is the 1994 piece, off the top of my head it was called 'Moariana' or something like that.Didn't play it myself but I'm sure somebody will let us know the correct spelling and composer.


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'Fraid I only know it by reputation - our conductor in the 2nd section was also taking a 1st section band at that time. He kept telling us how lucky we were not to have been promoted the year before!


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