Reducing swelling!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well as i posted on the 'how are your area rehearsals going?' topic, i think ours are going quite well and everything seemed fine and dandy ready for the big day on Sunday.
But now i have the slight problem that i trapped my valve hand in a window and my fingers are all swollen up to the size of thick pork sausages!!! :cry: Making any sort of pressure on them unbearable!
Anyone got any ideas as to reduce the swelling fast?
Please, please help!!!


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The standard trreatment used for a lot of sports injuries might help: RICE


Basically, wrap them up fairly tight (but not enough to induce gangrene :) ) and keep them cold. The elevation part is more for leg injuries.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I play one on television :wink:
Ouch!! :( I presume you've tried ice (or a bag of frozen peas)? Can't really offer any other advice. I hope it goes down before Sunday. Good luck!
:shock: So sorry to hear of the most untimely accident. I think Mr. Brasscrest had some good advice up there...and I do think it helps to keep the hand higher than heart-level whenever possible.

Anyway...Hope it heals quickly and that all goes well on Sunday.

Sat with a rather large bag of peas on my hand all last night and rubbed lots of arnica on before i went to bed.

It seems to have done the trick!! My third valve finger (which was hit most badly!) is still a bit tender but they are all normal size now and i didn't have too much trouble at band practise just, so roll on tomorrow!!!!

Oh but now i have to make sure i don't file my hand coz my cork decided that nothing had affected my playing in about 4 hours and so fell out never to be seen again! I am now filing a new one as i, err, type. :x


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Glad to hear your hand's better! Sounded painful!

Fortunately I don't have that problem as I have one of those fancy Armado push button waterkeys (a godsend, I must've held the world record for cork trouble on my old yammy!)

Good luck with your Area's tomorrow!

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