Red and Yellow and Pink and Green ......


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Red and yellow and pink and green
Orange and purple and blue
Craig can wear a rainbow
Wear a rainbow, wear a rainbow too. :lol: :wink: :p

Gimme an S .... S
Gimme a U ... U
Gimme a P ... P
Gimme an E ... E
Gimme an R ... R

Gimme an S ... S
Gimme an O ... O
Gimme a P ... P

Put em together an wot 'ave you got :?:

(Answers on a post card please :lol: )

Go Super Sop


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Go Craig! Go Craig!

(and Neal, leave the poor boy alone, pick on someone your own size :wink: )

:lol: :lol:


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Well done that man.

The first one in the house to successfully pass a forfeit set by Boc Bro!

This chappie with go far! :D


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The first and bestest Dinie well done!

come on guys and gals sign up for the super_sop fan club. show your suport on here.


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Super Sop is Fabulous
The best wee chap we know
and we think he's still Super
even though he's on front row

Kirsty plus one


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Super_Sop Super_Sop, he's our man
Super_Sop Super_Sop, he'll win if he can
Super_Sop Super_Sop, here's what we'll do
Super_Sop Super_Sop, we'll vote for YOU.

Super_Sop Super_Sop, happy is he
Super_Sop Super_Sop, in the house of BB
Super_Sop Super_Sop, how can we help

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


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Vote for Super_sop today
His name is not MacDougall
He wears bright shirts and rarely flirts
And wants to play the flugel

(I think I should be posting in the bad rhyme thread...)


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