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I have been informed that a good practice method is to tape yourself whhile you practice at home so can anyone advise me on the most suitable equipment to do this. I don't want to spend lots of money but would welcome any comments people may have based on previous experience.[/quote]


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It really depends upon how much you want to spend in order to achieve this. You can pick up a reasonable quality mic for around £20.00, and even a 4 or 8 channel mixer, say Yamaha for around £70.00. Set this up with the output of the mixer through to your PC and Hi-Fi and you'll get a good feedback as to your playing.

You could also achieve this withouth the Mixer if you didn't want to spend that much... just feed the mic directly into your PC with a 3/4" to 3.5mm jack adapter.

Use any available reasonably prices sequencing software on your PC and you can record yourself multi-tracking :)



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Seedhouse said:
Cool, :p is there any details on the internet about the best equipment to record yourself tMM???

Well Alex, as I mentioned, it really depends how serious you are about getting a quality recording of yourself. I have a small home studio set up which didn't cost very much. Here's some ideas;

For general home studio recording, do a simple search on google for 'home recording studio' or similar. This yields many results.
For recording equipment, mixers etc you could visit or - both leading suppliers of all sound producing equipment. I have used both for various items many times. In fact, you just missed the UK's premiere event for all this type of stuff - - the site is still up and running, take a look there for some great stuff.

Here's the link for a simple Yamaha mixing desk - - this will allow you to combine may parts from may sources simultaneously - including sending outputs to your PC and HiiFi at the same time. It's a great start into mixing.

You might also want to consider a sequencer programme for your PC. Again, there are many to review - the web is a wonderful place to start...:) Sonar, Cubase, Sibelius etc - plus many more.

Well, there you go, loads to get you started... :) enjoy

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Why not invest in a Yamaha Silent Brass system and you can sound like your playing in Westminster Abbey, instead of the front room!!!


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I used to do this all the time and my setup was a tascam porta 02 2x2 track recorder so you can 'double up the tracks and end up with you playing the whole band set which is fun. Later progressed to using 'digital recording' using Cakewalk which effectively does the same thing.

Must start it up again as it really makes you think 'Ah so thats what the MD was on about then' when listening back to your playing. Also useful if you have CD recordings for playing karaoke style along with the masters :)

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