Sold/Expired Recording of the Holy City

Does anyone know of a recording of the cornet solo The Holy City, with either band, organ or piano accomps. I'm looking for a copy for a very good friend, many thanks.


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The only one I managed to find through a search on google is "A CHRISTMAS COLLECTION" by STOCKSBRIDGE BAND - catalogue number KRCD1010. ( Kirklees )

I'm sorry I can't be of any more help.
Many thanks Dyl, I've also been told that P MacCann has recorded it and so ordered it.
Please give my regards to all in the Deiniolen Band, happy memories of a great weekend with them.


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Not a cornet version, but there is a horn version by Gordon Higginbottom on the recording Gordon Higginbottom and friends.

The Phillip McCann verson is on the cd "More of the world's most beautiful melodies".