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I dont know , I know it was a recording with Edward Gregson playing the piano the desford winning performance....but they told me , sorry not in stock.


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It might be worth asking if they can run you one off from the master (assuming they have one).

I hear great things about this piece but have never actually heard it. Can I assume that it would be worth a dusting off for forthcoming contests? What is it based on? Wasn't Odin a viking god?


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Odin was commissioned by Black Dyke around 1986 I think , was used in the nationals in 1989 , and Black Dyke used it at the 1992 European Championchips..
very difficult as why not many performances.
Odin was a norse god , hung himself from Yggdrasil ( tree of the world ) for nine days...very interesting Norse Mythology
Sorry, I can't help with finding a professional recording. However, the BBC may have an archive recording of the performance that was done for Bandstand (Black Dyke I think).
It's a shame that such a great piece like Odin is rarely played in concerts or contests. You can practically feel the cold in the second movement!


The Odin recording from the 89 Nationals was recorded by Heavyweight Records who I believe had some connection with the Rigid Containers (now Travelsphere) band. I think their Sop player at that time (David Jones (?)) had some connection with the company. Might be worth a try?


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I have tried Comus edition ( who publish A.B's music ) , I think there may a possibility of getting hold of a recording this way..if anyone has a contact number for heavyweight would be appriciated.

Brian Bowen

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Having just listened again to two performances of "Odin" from the 1989 contest, I renew my respect and admiration for the music and the extraordinary performances of both Desford (James Watson), the winners, and Black Dyke (David King) who came 2nd. The result must have been a close thing as Black Dyke gave a superb performance -- I suspect a little more refined than Desford's -- while Desford maybe has that extra ounce of raw energy. (Allowance has to be made for the handheld stereo recording someone gave me -- I wasn't there. It's fairly close up but without the balance I expect the official recording offers.)

Maybe a new studio recording couldn't hope to match the elemental thrill of both these live performances unless recorded at a time close to another top contest. The music is certainly difficult and needs plenty of rehearsal time. Let's hope the original recording is reissued, maybe in a compilation of winning test piece performances.


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Got a mailer from the RNCM about their forthcoming and noticed that the College Band will be performing the mentioned piece in November:

RNCM Brass Ensemble and RNCM Brass Band Book Online
25 November 2004 at 19:30 Brown Shipley Concert Hall
Conductors John Miller and Jonathan Corry | Trumpet Murray Greig

Dukas - Prelude to ‘La Peri’ | Schmitt - Fanfare from ‘La Cenci’ | Dukas arr. Simon Wright - The Sorcerer’s Apprentice | Edward Gregson - Occasion | Arthur Butterworth - Concerto alla Veneziana | Odin

As well as a taste of Gallic wizardry for brass ensemble, this concert offers Odin, perhaps Arthur Butterworth’s best known work for brass band. Murray Greig, principal trumpet of Opera North and RNCM tutor, performs Butterworth’s trumpet concerto in its original version, with brass band accompaniment, having recently premièred an orchestral version in Huddersfield Town Hall to great acclaim.

Also, a contact address for Heavyweight, not sure whether it is till valid or not:

Heavyweight Records 1990, PO Box 57, Kettering, Northants, NN15 5PL

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for all your help.
I have got a copy of " ODIN " along with another recording of " Paean " by Arthur Butterworth , brilliant playing.
its going to help a lot.


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