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Hi All...

In my other life as a conductor, i have finally got the go ahead to produce a CD with the band... however, having never done this sort of thing before, i am after some help (as we cant afford Doyen) - i have a good solid Sound Engineer in the form of Harrogate Bands Top man, Rob Illesley - has mixed some excellent cds for the harrogate band, but as far as other costs of production go, i need some advice -

How much should i set aside for jewel cases and CD stamping - assuming i am going to do them professionally?

What characteristics are best for a venue - examples would be great.

What legal obligations does the band have when recording music - i know we will need to write to arrangers and publishers etc, but are there hidden pitfalls?

Cheers in advance



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Talk to your MD too! I've handled much of that side for our last three CDs. It's significantly cheaper than using a company to deal with it, and it's really no bother.

So far as copyright requirements are concerned you don't need to contact all the composers/publishers individually, you only need an MCPS licence and if you're making 500 CD's or fewer the cost is very reasonable.

The biggest hassle I've found is the design and printing of the inserts, but you'll get very good advice from the Eb Bass section!



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