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Hi All

Just a quick message from myself and all the Mods - Roger, Dyl, Rachel, Ian, Neal and Peter.

I wish to apologise for the recent trivial posts that have appeared on tMP, particularly in certian threads. I suppose that with the rapid growth in members and the success of tMP that we are always going to have this sort of activity and behaviour - but we don't have to accept it. The time has come when we need to do something about it. I can assure everyone that this sort of behaviour is simply not acceptable on tMP and we have been discussing how to deal with it. tMP as you already know is a family friendly forum where pragmatic and friendly debate will flourish. We tolerate all manner of posts, on all manner of subjects - and will continue to do so - as we beleive this encourages a higher quantity of interesting conversations and greater vocal freedom.

However, some of the activity has recently become petty, trivial and offensive. As one of our team said to me yesterday, "We will carry on running this forum safely and fairly, no matter how hard we need to be on troublemakers". How correct this statement is.

To put it simply, we will act where we see troublemakers. We are not willing to risk losing our genuine tMP members and be left with trouble makers. If you find or read any offensive posts, or feel that there are indiscretions or trouble brewing... please contact me or one of the Moderator team and as always we will deal with it immediately. We want to stamp this out, tMP will not be ruined by troublemakers. Period.

I sincerely hope that this recent activity has not nor will not spoil your enjoyment of tMP and that you all continue to be active supporters of tMP. Rest assured, we are working extremely hard behind the scenes to make sure that tMP is a happy and friendly place for us all to discuss what we all enjoy doing - making music.

Many thanks to all our genuine members... we are grateful to you for your continued support.

Kind regards

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