Really need help, clunky valves.

Hey everyone, got a slight problem with my euph!
Since i bought it last year, (second hand) its always had clunky valves!
Ive cleaned them out, got new felts, and tried just about every trick in the book but cannot seem to get my valves silent. Its realyl starting to annoy me, especially when ive got solos and all you can hear is *clunk clunk clunk*

It distracts people from the actual sound im making!

does anyone have any idea how to silence my god awful valves?! Would be very much appreciated!
last time i bought new felts, they came through and they were soveriegn felts so didnt fit my standard besson.
do you know anywhere i could get new felts to fit and spring dampers?


try Band Supplies in Leeds , or any music shop for brass, loads advertised on 4BARS REST..........( there are other music websites and suppliers available).
Brilliant thankyou! will have a look and see what i can find!
I live in the south west, so leeds will be a stretch and shipping will be a while. ideally need something before WBBA next weekend!


If you get to the contest in plenty of time you should be able to steal some off a competitors instrument, as a last resort you could try the trade stands.


If you are in the South West, Packers in Taunton is a good place. Not sure how far off you are there but they always have loads of spares.


If the guides are metal they may be the source of the noise... is the 'clunk' heard as the valve reaches the end of its travel, or as it's pressed down/released?
the springs are at the bottom. its when they are being pushed down, and released. we replaced the first valve spring as when you release it, the sound of the spring resonated. it still does, but not as bad.


Springs buzzing need tweaking/replacing, as you've done - metal guides will always produce a little clacking sound as the valve starts to travel, or changes direction. New felts will have helped reduce the overall noise too, though.

Two ways I've hit upon (though I doubt I'm the first) of reducing valve noise further are:

1) To try and control the valve on its upward travel as well - ie. to release the valve in as measured a way as I put it down. If you simply let the valve go, it's more likely to rattle around. Slow practise is key to this.

2) Play louder :)
i like option number 2 :p haha
it sounds good, i will have to replace the felts and see if that makes any more difference. thanks for your help!!


Oh, and if you're in Swindon, Secondwind in Cheltenham are also fairly close by, and well worth a call for spares and friendly advice. I bought my euph (1975 Sovereign) from them and got felts etc. changed for free, which helped with valve noise etc. enormously :)
aahh nice thankyou. bought some new springs off eBay last night, £2.10 plus £2 first class postage. hopefully they will make a difference!


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Hi, Perhaps not the best advise you've had, but once when I was really desperate for new pads I went into a craft shop, bought a small piece of felt they sell and made my own for about 50p!! I got the idea from when I was out in the Middle East as a Military Musician and needed pads, no craft shops there. I bought an old felt hat and made my own. My mates made some too and it lasted our 3 year tour abroad!!


I've got a Sovereign 966 that had metal guides. I've since had them replaced with identical nylon ones - for Willson banjos - which has entirely cured any noises. It is the only proper way of dealing with it. A good repairer should be able to carry out the modification but the guides aren't cheap. Well worth it my opinion.

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