Sold/Expired Really need a Sop Solo?

James McFadyen

New Member
If you are dying to get your mits on a top sop solo, then I suggest you buy my Dreams are to be Without Motion.

It's a magical ride of grooviness, with an incredible melody with lots of 'staying power'................Definetly one for the Concert Platform or Contest Stage!!

Get you sop player being noticed with this top piece, don't go for dreary old music, this is a new breed of Sop solo - one which will show off your sop player and have a cracking 'to-die-for' tune!!! The band parts are simply devine - I GUARANTEE YOU'LL LOVE THIS ONE!

pm me for buying details. Cost: £30.00

Don't miss out today - Give your sop player a (expl del: mod) good play! :wink:

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