re: who's the better sex?!?!?!?

girls or boys?? take your pick hehe

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LOL :lol:
haha and to think i didnt even spot that one!! :evil:
my powers are weakening darth tuba


Darth_Tuba said:

Sorry, couldn't resist an inuendo!

haha shame on u lol! :eek:

:roll: only kiddin bout yer pic, u look gr8 as ever hehe :roll:

mwahaha :twisted:

Tuba Girl

Sorry but girls come top every time. It is just a shame some bands live in the dark ages and do not give them a chance. This thing with drinking if anybody wants a competition then I am up for it and us girls will show you who are the almighty. :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :hammer

Roger Thorne

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I think you have an unfair advantage here with all the Sherry Supping you do during school hours!
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Tuba Girl

well you have train just like athletes as i said in the buzzing debate except I exercise my drinking capacity. Fair Play. Your diaphram needs expanding somehow. (joking)

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