re: who's the better sex?!?!?!?

girls or boys?? take your pick hehe

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Come on you boys!!

Don't let those extra "x" chromozones win, what ever you do ................................... :cry:



this is a tough debate. Although in Wem Band the principle cornet (me) is female as is the second man (woman!) down, the flugels, the solo horn,first horn and second horn to name but a few. But I don't think any sex is better or worse to be honest at playing I think it comes down to musicality........just an idea, mad i know but it makes sense!

But........if we're talking about life in general, you boys aren't anything without a good woman! :twisted: :wink: :twisted:


But Heather, you're forgetting our awesome principal cornet, 3 solo cornets, sop, bottom 2nd cornet, 2 3rd cornets, 1st and 2nd horns, 1st bari, 2 euphoniums, 2nd and bass trombones, 4 basses, 2 shedbuilders, 1 musical director and a partridge in a pear tree!
But i have to admit, the treasurer is damned cute!


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Ok ......... our band is definately male orientated!!

m m m perc:
m f
m f m
m m m total: f: 4/26 = 15.4%
m m: 22/26 = 84.6%
m m m
f f m
m m m m m


and yet Males are still loosing in the poll! :(


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We're pretty evenly matched at Harrogate:
Sop - F
Front row - MMMF
Back row - MFFFFF (no I didn't miscount we have an extra player!!!)
Horns / Flug - FFFF
Troms - MMM
Euphs/Baris - MMMFF (another extra!)
Basses - MMMM
Concussion - MMFF

Oh and the MD is a bloke - sorry, an enigmatic bloke... :roll:

Rach x


well heather, i have to say that even the revered gingerheadman admits that its the 2nd horn and the 2nd baritone players that make the difference between winning the area and being an also ran. er go you are a star player.

happy now??

anyway, do you really want to sit on my pillion or did you just like my leather pants last night?


Darth_Tuba said:
With the score at 60% to 39%, where did the other 1% go? :?
omg omg this is totally not on topic but :shock: look at your new pic!!!!!!!!!!!! :? hahaha hmmm!

Only jokin, u look gr8 honey :wink: