RBL Crownhill Band is no more!


The Band formerly known as RBL Crownhill (Plymouth) Band is delighted to announce a change of name to "Soundhouse Brass".
The Soundhouse is a new community music and arts facility attached to Estover Community College,and the band is really proud that it has been invited to be the resident brass band in such auspicious surroundings.
The Band continue to rehearse on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and although we boast a full compliment of players at present, no committed player will be turned away.
Denzil Stephens has kindly agreed to be our full time M.D and the band is really enjoying the intensive rehearsals under him.
Ian Heard
Soundhouse Brass


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This is great news for you and all the members - players, supporters and management of the band Ian. Please send congratulations from theMouthPiece to the newly named SoundHouse Brass

Good luck for the future to you all .... :D :D



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Phew.. for a minute there I thought.... never mind.

Congratulations to you all and best of luck for the forthcoming areas.



Thankyou John & Steve for your best wishes, I`ll pass them on to the band.
I`m sure you are like me, and accutely aware that there a lot of bands struggling at present and what could have been a dodgy period has ultimately ended up with us landing on our feet.
I hope your respective bands are going well , and Steve how are Y&WD coping with Celestial Prospect , I`m sure like us playing Heaton`s stuff is great fun.
Thanks again Ian .


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Don't talk to our Flugal player about it :D and I have to admit it's growing on me, however some of the scoring seems a tad odd, he couldn't seem to make up his mind as to whether the sop was supporting the front row up top, "doubling" with the back row (why?) or just sitting around doing nothing whilst the front row bust a few blood vessels (their not allowed to do that, thats MY job :D ).

Actually it came about the right time since we don't have ANY percussion players at the moment (and we can't find em for love nor money, tell Hayley she could have earnt a fortune deping round london & southern counties bands this year :D ). But since theres only about 10 bars of percussion we're desperatley teaching a couple of (almost) spare players to play perussion (not so fun).

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