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Ah the internet... a great way to find out useful information, to share news, to communicate efficiently blah blah blah blah...


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I wouldn't buy anything from your pet shop! You can't tell the difference between the birds and the bees :shock:

dazzyboy said:
Now today we have a giant bee for sale going very cheap

When was the last time you heard a bee go "Cheap"? That's budgies, you fool :!:


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Geezer goes into a pet shop and he appears to be looking for something in particular. "Can I help you sir?" asks the sop playing assistant.
"Yes", replies the man, "I'm looking for a parrot to keep my mother company".
"Well sir we have those parrots down there", pointing towards a row of birds just off floor level. "Those little fellows are £200 each.
"Then there are those on the wall at £590 a piece."

"Why are they so much more expensive than the ones down there", asks the customer.

"Well those on the wall cost more because they're on higher perches".