Rachmaninoff Prelude in G Minor, Op. 23, No. 5


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I'd like to add this piece to our library. I've found three reasonably priced Brass Band arrangements online: One is arranged by Trevor Grimes. The other two are from two different retailers, neither lists an arranger; one is published by Wright & Round. These two may be the same arrangement.

Can anyone describe these arrangements, as regards difficulty, and also as regards the way the arranger has scored the piano arpeggios at about measures 35 - 48? I really don't want to spend $25-35 + shipping from the UK to the USA to end up with an arrangement I don't like or one that will take more rehearsal time that I want to devote to a 4-minute piece.

Thank you!
Jim O'Briant, Music Director / Staff Arranger
The Pacific Brass Band
Salinas, California, USA

John Brooks

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Jim, I just checked my collection and I don't have a single recording of this transcription. Maybe the lack of recordings can be a further consideration for you before you make any purchase.

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