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Roger Thorne

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I've just finished reading this weeks British Bandsman and one article in particular has caught my eye.

It is a letter to all conductors and bands written by Arthur Butterworth, who will be performing his composition Passacaglia on a theme of Brahms, Op. 87 being performed in the 1st Section Regional Championships.

The letter itself is very interesting but it was the last paragraph that I thought you might be interested in.

. . . ."It is the infinite variety of interpretation that makes our appreciation of repeated - but ever different - performances so beguiling.
So don't worry overmuch about the minutiae of the print; just play it as you feel it ought to be and enjoy expressing your own artistry. No adjudicator of real musicianship will castigate you for that."

. . . mmm! Interesting eh?

How many times as your MD adopted that policy only to be criticised for doing so?

A few pages further on in the Bandsman it gives us, at a glance the dates and times for all the area contests.

Not one of the 1st Section Area Contests is being adjudicated by Arthur Butterworth!

I hope Mr. Butterworth has the forsight to contact messrs: Brian Buckley, Steve Sykes, Colin Hardy, Malcolm Brownbill, John Berryman, Christopher Wormwald, David Read, and Derek Broadbent (all adjudicators for the 1st Section) to let them know of his comments!

PS: You might also be interested to learn that Scottish areas have TWO adjudicators for each section.

Tuba Girl

I think that was an excellent quote! It is a shame not many adjudicators think like that. At the end of the day the competitions are won by the interpretation that the adjudicators like. Quite a few bands,especially with older test pieces, do not present their own interpretation but tend to play how they think the adjudicator would like it. Probably seven times out of ten this works but surely this gets boring for the audience and as we are suppose to be moving on in the banding world. Maybe the adjudicators names should not be released then maybe we would get more variety.
On the subject of adjudicators (and I am not naming names) for the areas I think that overall a good choice has been made although I do not see how some can adjudicate when they have already proved they are not willing to move on and are prepared to stay in the past (trust me I know) and then end up adjuducating "PRAGUE". So therefore it boils down to playing the piece "old style" which is not really appropriate but bet any band who does will get a top four slot.
I will stop moaning now but I had to view my opinion.

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