Quintessence - new recording from Fairey Band with guest soloist, Owen Farr


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On Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 June, Fairey Band recorded eight works by Robert Redhead for a CD for the Clarence Adoo Trust. It will be released before the end of November and the track list is:

A Fanfare of Praise
Isaiah 40
I will follow Thee
Tenore (guest soloist Owen Farr, tenor horn)
Picton Citadel
How Charming is Thy Name
Corpus Christi

A great band playing inspirational music.

Engineered and produced by Keith Johnson and Jess Tredrea of KMJ recordings.

This and other records made in aid of the Clarence Adoo Trust can be found at www.melodiesforclarence.com and you can join the Facebook group by searching 'Quintessence - the music of Robert Redhead'


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Looking forward to hearing it, John, and if it is up to the standard of the others it would make a great Christmas present.

John Brooks

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Hi John, what a great series this is proving to be and the latest release looks terrific. Thanks for all your hard word on behalf of Clarence.

John Brooks

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I've been trying to buy the CD but with no success. The Fairey website defaults to UK address with no edit available; I've contacted them but again with no success. There are problems with Clarence's website too. Any suggestions?

John Brooks

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Hi Peter,

Yes, I was there and went to order but it appeared to default to the last recording (Great Composers) so I backed out. It might be a ghosting issue so I'll go back and try again. Thanks!