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There's also one from Egon Virtuosi (Music for a Joyous Occasion) and I've got an old cassette of the Melbourne Staff Band which may still be available.


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I have the following recordings in my collection:

Canadian Staff Band - In Tribute
Egon Virtuosi Band - Music for a Joyful Occasion
Enfield Citadel Band - The Enfield Collection
Enfield Citadel Band - Live in Australia
Melbourne Staff Band - Live in London (RAH or Wembley?)
YBS - Essays for Brass - Vol.2


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Where you get boshed at night but they make you climb over walls and stuff during the day, as well as the odd bit of playing. Heard stories about TA camp....sounds great!!! Probably nae hippos there either!


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Sellers_Bird said:
what is territorial music school? :?
Salvation Army Music Schools are held on both a divisional and territorial level (the United Kingdom Territory incorporating England, Wales, Scotland and the whole of Ireland).

Anyone who is active within a Salvation Army musical section is elligible to apply, within the age limits set down - I think it's up to 25. There has also been a separate course held annually for a slightly younger age range, forming the Territorial Youth Band. In recent years there have often been more options such as mixed-voice choral singing (in addition to the female voice choir that operates during the school) and drama etc.

On arrival, auditions take place to establish placements in the various individual bands and the selection of the "A" band, and the week consists of various sessions, broadly similar I should imagine to the NYBBGB etc, but with the addition of times set aside for prayer and Bible study.

There are usually two public performances given, a less formal evening mid-week and then a festival at the end of the course.


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Oops clearly I've got TA camp and Sally Army School mixed up then!! And Anna....not seen any hippoes for a while, although Hippo Watch is still number one on my list of priorities!! :wink:

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