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Our band is thinking of having an offical band manager position. For all you bands that have band managers, I have a couple of questions.

1. How many of you pay your band managers and how many are volunteers?

2. What duties does your band manager handle? Who handles the rest? Are there commitees, does the director do it, or just random volunteers?

3. Do any of you have a typed job description for your band manager position that we might be able to adapt.

Answers to any of the questions would be greatly appreciated.


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Our band has a committee (which I was press ganged on to!). I guess the closest thing to band manager is our band secretary - it's an elected position held by a member of the band - the position makes you effectively incharge of running the day to day affairs of the band (I guess the rest of the committee could step in, but Sharon, our sec, does a good job so there's no need).


our band manager has his big black diary with all out jobs in and whos doing them. he generally adresses the band about every 3 weeks or so to announce new jobs, sort out transport etc. he also is in charge of spare jackets and ties for deps and makes sure us younger players look smart when we are out and about! (god help you if your top button isn't done up..... :twisted: )

all in all hes a boss/helper/fatherly figure (in terms of the tellings off we get!/man-who-can-with-the-plan type role.

ooooooh and he gets the rounds in so they're ready for us after band! : :D


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Our band is run by the committee which includes a number of active "officers" these being:

Musical Director - Deals with all things musical (obviously!)
Secretary - books jobs, sorts out contests, fees, and pretty much everything to do with the day-to-day running of the band.
Treasurer - Financial guru!
Band Master - effectively band manager. Deals with making sure players know where they need to be, what time they need to be there, sorts lifts for players, sorts out any deps. Basically pulls the band together to make sure that the band arrive at a job at the correct place(!), at the correct time, and that the band is not short of players. Also deals with any personel problems should it be required (heaven forbid!) so I suppose generally "manages" the band.

It's a thankless task (I know from expierence). Especially the getting deps part. I spent many "happy" evenings on the phone trying to find players for jobs. But a good band manager is crucial to the efficient running of the band.

As for payment....well I only ever got the occasional fiver to cover the costs of my phone bill :?


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These comments are all very informative and helpful :D If anybody else has contributions to make, I would appreciate them by Tuesday (as that is when our band is meeting to discuss the position)

Thanks again all!!

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