Quartet music suggestions


Does anybody have any recommendations for good, light hearted quartet music (entertaining stuff, not contest type).

I know there's loads of pieces out there but what i want to know is - what's worth buying and what's worth avoiding?

It's for standard quartet set-up of 2 x cornets/flug, 1 x tenor horn, 1 x euph/bari

Dave Payn

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Probably a bit dangerous to go public with 'what's worth avoiding'! There isn't (as I see it) a lot of light concert stuff for brass quartet. Most seem to be serious in nature, perhaps designed largely to be used for quartet contests? (Like the excellent Gilbert Vinter works) Perhaps the older quartets (like selections from Cosi fan Tutte - can't remember arranger!) might suit? I think Wright and Round have a few of these 'older' selection-esque quartets.

Hope this helps.


p.s. However, thanks for giving me ideas for my forthcoming publishing venture, though! ;-)
You could try my Circus Suite. I originally scored it for trumpet, F horn, trombone, and tuba, but a transcription is not out of the question. Let me know what your group reads and I can email it out in a flash. Thanks.

Kenneth D. Friedrich

If you want to hear it, let me know. I can email a sound clip too.

Dave Payn

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There's another work which springs to mind, Alexander Glazunow's In Modo Religioso - which is again for orchestral brass quartet, but maybe alternate parts come with it?



I would suggest you have a look at the "Just Brass" range - they have quite a bit of quartet stuff and many of the parts are transcribed/transposed for different instruments.

Pops for Four comes immediately to mind as one set that is quite good fun - I am certain there must be loads more if only my memory was working properly.

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