PYBB take it all at Rhyl.........


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The longest day i have ever incounted but it wasnt half worth it,

Early this mornin about 7:15am we were sitting on the coach off the Rhyl to play in the youth section,

Everyone rather awake.....(for once Hol and Lizi!!!!)

and im sure all of the youth section bands had a similer time due to a early start Anyway,

Just to tell you That PYBB (poynton youth) Took every prize going!!!!! Best Soloist-Lizi you so desevered it "your one fine player" as Les would put it.
Best Percussion-Thanx to Alex's Pants
Best Conductor-ANDY!!!!

We were well suprised yet overjoyed by this with Lions Youth in at near second!!!

My Other Band SSBB Played outstanding and Came 3rd over all which was amazing aswell

Just want to say Great day and weldone to all that went, although i was sunbathin most of the day!!!!


WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! we did it dint we bex!

It was undoubtedly the longest day in history and one of the worst days to sit on a coach with a hay-fever-ridden-miserable-sod-of-a-coach driver!

we did very wel, and got wat weve been striving for all these years, its an acomplishment for the band, considering some of them are new to the youth band and only recently found their bandin legs(but they like em)

I ant stopped smilin :lol: since sunday! (my cheeks are begining to hurt!) :roll:

Wel done all of you's!
ME an the sawyer crew are very proud of you all! :wow
longest day in history . . . ? I think that those of us who were in torquay at 1am in the morning waiting for first section results last year might disagree with that . . ! Well done to all the winners!


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Isn't it nice how you can participate in both bands and not be partial to one more than the other Bec?

We kicked their butts! but i bet my cheaks hurt more than yours Lizi, and i keep hurting my head on the ceiling!

Well done Lizi, you really deserved it! Love ya!



kinkycornet said:
Well done Lizi, you really deserved it! Love ya!

No i dont

im still stuck up on the ceiling, not constantly, but every time i catch a glimps of that trophy. its dead shiney!

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