Punctuation Problems?


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Ever seen a sign or an advert that says something quite unintended due to missing or incorrect punctuation?

Here's one that made me chuckle today.

We also have for hire a 3/4 tonne minidigger. Drives through most garden gates with or without a driver

Will the Sec

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On a legend under each of a laundry's clock face

"Don't kill your wife! Let us do it!"

There were howls of protest when the building was knocked and the sign's fate was uncertain - it ended up in the local museum.

Brian Bowen

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At the local Home Depot, the huge US home & garden do-it-yourself store (a bit like Home base in the UK) there's a big sign which says "Sod Saturday".

I can imagine Brits saying to themselves "hey, don't knock it, it's the best day of the week. To Americans there's no misunderstanding.

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