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i know this is ver random but...

has anyone here studied psychology at university?? i would like to know where the best ones are and the best courses too. im interested into going into psychiatry but i dont have any science a-levels so i will probably go via the psychology route.

i have lots of prosectuses (porspecti!?! :? ) and the league tables etc etc but am interested in individuals personal experiance

cheers x

Am currently half way through BSc (Hons) Psychology at Wolverhampton. Rather than bore the brains out of out fellow tmp'rs, feel free to e-mail me about any specific questions etc and I'll do my best to answer them honestly.



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Hi, good choice!

I did it Applied Psych at Aston (Birmingham). I picked the city because it was a fab place to be a student (and about as far from home as my mum would let me go!) and that course because it really emphasised vocation and practical applications (educational, occupational, clinical etc) and didn't involve any live animals! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. There's a good choice of bands round there too :D

If you're interested in pursuing a career in the field, then a good way to select a course is to look at what "other" work the faculty do, eg. private practice/consultancies, published work, media etc. The more they do, the more likely they'll be to teach you something you can actually use in the real world.

Good luck!
homocidalbennyboy said:
Us fellow tMPers may be interested :shock:

OK - well here goes!

I study in Wolverhampton purely for geographical convenience. However it is quite a lively place and cheap too (oh and you could join Shropshire bands from there too :wink: ).
As for the course it is BSc (Hons) Psychology so it doesn't actually specialise in any one branch of psychology (and there are loads of divisions) e.g, applied, abnormal, educational, counselling, health occupational etc. The first year is quite basic, I'd never studied Psychology at A-Level so it was good for me but the aim is to get everyone at the same level. The work isn't too much in the first year and lecture requirements are approx 12 hours per week. The second year the work becomes a little more intense (as I'm sure that it does with every degree). You complete a 2nd year project. In the third year, opposed to doing a traditional dissertation you complete an individual project which is new research completed by you. You have to complete the research and write it up in standard psychology report format and by doing this you will gain B.P.S accreditation and also get the honours section of the degree.
I thoroughly enjoy it as it is a really varied degree - including some very nasty statistics!
Best of luck in making your choice.


I don't do psychology as my degree but quite a few of my friends here do... and if you fancy coming down to London village then UCL (University College London) has a very good reputation. Although all the psychologists always seem to have lots of case studies and 'drawings' to do.


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I don't really know much about nottingham's psychology department, but there are always lots of people coming in and out of it! Maybe I should go and have a look, but I enjoy indulging in a bit of bystanderism.


thank you everyone!! very helpful i've just gotta plough through abou 59 prospectuses and get godd grades! easy as! :)

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