PS2, X-Box or Game Cube?

Which is the best?

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Desperately sad as I am I found this one hard to vote for as I own all three consoles :oops: Also have a GBA SP and a GP32 (handhelds). Good for commuting (the handhelds!).

The XBox rocks purely for its power, Halo and Knights Of The Old Republic. GameCube has great graphics but suffers from Nintendo's lack of PAL support for some of its best games. PS2 has the best range of games out there but alas also has a fair amount of rubbish. (In my opinion!)

I too like the retro scene and used to love my Spectrum when I was a nipper. Emulation was a godsend for me and my home PC.
I've owned an Amiga 500, which at the time was brill. I've now worked my way through PS1 and 2, now I've graduated to Xbox, which is the dogs thingies!!!!! AND!!!!!!!!!!!!! even better now I'm playing online, there is no comparison!! XBOX Rules!!!!!!!!!¬ and there is Pro Evo 4 to look forward, so really there's no need for PS2 anymore, even GTA is Xbox now, all the PS2 has left is Gran Turismo, woopee!! I do play some FPS games on my PC as well.
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