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having been band manager for a fair while at my band, i now find that i am not happy with the job. Having covered other committee members ***** on various issues i find that i have actually been failing in my own duties. After deep thought about different issues and having heated discussions with fellow committee members, i have come to the conclusion that we need a professional band manager.
I feel that it is the worst job of any committee and requires large amounts of time (both day and evenings) so a person doing this job would be worthy of payment, not that i am looking for cash as i'm sick of it.
Do other bands have such paid positions ?
I do recognise that some of the problems lie much deeper within our group but i think that a paid official would be more accountable to the committee.


I agree with your comments... especially about covering everyone elses backsides which makes you neglect your own duties! :roll:

I don't do the job for the attention/glory/credit but I just wish other people in the band would show a little gratitude sometimes at what myself and the other committee members actually does. I mean bar driving them to gigs and blowing their instruments, everything else is done for them :evil:

As you can probably gather I have had an especially bad night tonight with them and I can feel my temperature rising as I type!! :twisted: I'll probably regret this in the morning :oops:

A committee does work if everyone pulls together and has the same drive. It is hard work to work with a divide in the committee.

I think that if you pay a person to manage the band other positions may think 'Well if they get paid, why don't I?' Which you can understand in a way.

What would you say the role of a Band Manager is? What do you do?

Stick with it..... I know it's very fustrating but rise above it and show people what you can do. To the people who neglect their duties, leave them... they'll be the ones who look silly when someone asks them why it wasn't done.... easier said than done I know :roll:


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We dont have a band manager as such. What we have (fortunately) is a strong committee. All the members of the committee have specific resposibilities in terms of getting stands to gigs, presentation on the stage, etc

By everybody pulling together the work load is more evenly spread.

Although the average age of our band is 30ish some of the parents of our members who are now retired from work and/or playing also assist at concerts selling programmes, raffle tickets and the such like which means the band just concentrate on the music.

I think the bottom line is, get a strong chairman and a strong committee who will work with you, rather than just leave it to you.


Our committee works very well. We have 6/7 dedicated people who each have their own specific role (Chairman, Secretary etc) and we don't tend to get many problems.

Does the band manager's role involve something similar to the Chair, or is it something completely different?

Di B

If I may......

The band managers role in your own band may be very different to that in someone elses.

The time ocnsuming jobs in a band should all be done (in an ideal world!) by different people..... an equipment officer to sort out stuff getting to and from band jobs, a secretary who informs the band with enough notice about band jobs and deals with correspondance relating to it, and someone to phone around for dep players. Also, something I think is covered by the band manager role is to liase with the band and the MD as appropriate (this also depends on the MD and their level of involvement with the band!)

Doing all of these and maybe more items by yourself will lead to an early grave..... don't do it!

Also, I feel people in a band should to some extent be responsible for themselves. Ie a kit player should take some of the kit (with a helping hand from others of course!) and bass players should take their instruments!

I know and appreciate how you feel but imo until you do back off others are not even going to bother getting out of their seats to do any work as they have become lazy. Also, maybe you need to address the committee or bring this up at the AGM.



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Although I have had no recent experience with non SA bands, it strikes me that some of the problems occur because the committee are seen as being somehow separate from the band, developing a "them and us" situation. I would concur with the view that various responsibilities should be shared out, with everyone aware of who does what - and let's not forget the much-put-upon librarian! - but there should also be clear channels for band members to raise issues they are not happy with before things come to a head.

In a Salvation Army Band, there will be a group of what we term "local officers", consisting of Bandmaster, Deputy Bandmaster, Band Secretary (and assistants if appointed), Band Sergeant (responsible for the spiritual progamme and discipline of the band and in particular the welfare of the bandsmen/women), Librarian. Some bands may have additonal members such as an Executive Officer or someone specifically responsible for the equipment of the band.

This group will generally meet periodically, together with the Commanding Officer (minister), in order to arrange and plan everything pertaining to the band, and hopefully then let the rest of us know what has been decided in plenty of time :!:

Okiedokie of Oz

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The band manager of our band, after much discussion, is basically in charge of organising any equipment we need for performances, and organising players to assist int he loading/unloading. A roadie with authority.


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Di B said:
Also, I feel people in a band should to some extent be responsible for themselves. Ie a kit player should take some of the kit (with a helping hand from others of course!) and bass players should take their instruments!

All very well, unless your bass players don't have cars.

Di B

True, but if they do have cars then whats the excuse? Additionally, as a euph player I have walked with my case and used both trains and buses. I know a bass is a bit bigger, but if there is a will.....

The comment I was really making is that unless you joined the band with the understanding that your bass would always be carried around for you, you shouldn't automatically expect it! Also, car drivers who then choose to play bass imho should be able to transport their instruments. Their is a difference.

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It's easier these days with bass cases on wheels to transport a bass. Anyone who doesn't take a bass home better have a darn good excuse, I say.

I usewd to walk up a hill to my teacher's place when in school...
and then @ uni, I had no car for the 1st 12 months, so I walked 3 km's!!!


I'm glad to say that we have a first class band manager. He is dedicated to that job in the band alone i.e he doesn't play any more thus doesn't get mixed up in the personal politics of the band. He runs the show, is responsible for personel coming and going, sorting out the **** and he does't pull any punches. He's been doing it for 40 odd years so he knows the game and has restored my faith in band management as it too often turns into squabbles over egos at t'committee meeting.

Long Live Hutch! 8)



There is no way he can be any better than "The Lincolnshire Poacher" and his faithful assistant "The Sheriff"



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Our "band manager" Eric is an absolute star. Sorts everything out down to the finest detail and is great at informing the band what needs doing. Donno how we'd even get to a contest without him!! We've a non- playing "committee" who basically sort everything out for us so all we need to do is turn up and play. Stress free banding.

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