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Next Sunday - the 28th - our band is having a master class with David King, along with two other bands in the Melbourne area. Really looking forward to it and hope to learn a thing or two.

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I saw David King with YBS in 2005 up here in Brisbane . I think your in for something Special, Wish I were there to be able to attend


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I'd be interested in hearing how your master class went. We're going to be having a rehearsal weekend with Prof. David King at the end of October. Really looking forward to that as well! We're going to tackle Concerto Grosso by Derek Bourgeouis, which is the set piece for the Dutch Finals end November.


Well here we interesting few hours and certainly not what I was expecting - mind you, I don't really know what I was expecting to be quite honest.

Anyway, Footscray Yarraville band started with their music, got a few lines into it and David pulled them up. This went on for about an hour, but it turned into more of a conductors lesson than much else.

Our band followed Footscray - I said to my off-sider that I doubted we would get far before we too were stopped by the great man. Well, we played all the way through 'Between The Two Rivers' by Phillip Sparke. David was impressed by the bands' sound and balance etc but then, it too turned into a lesson on how to conduct.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay to watch/listen to the last band - Boorandara Juniors but what an experience I have had - spending a few hours with David King.

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There is a lot of thinking amongst big name conductors in brass band and otherwise, that if an MD can adjust the way he presents the musical ideal, the band will imprve automatically. It's all based on the "What they see is what you get" mentality that Barrie Gott drove into me as a VERY young conductor.
Besides - Give a man a fish, and he'll win one contest. Teach the MD to fish, and you'll win a few others!! The MD is the one that needs to learn how to help you - he is the one that can make or break you.

I hear that the Prof also did workshop(s) with Brisbane Brass recently, plus is doing the Byron Bay Summer School in January. Hope people are looking into that!! -


Yes.......amongst other things on the go, the man has got together a fabulous group of the top Aussie players and from all accounts - they sound fantastic. I think there could be something about them on under the Melbourne International Festival of Brass.