Sold/Expired Pro-Series Manuscript Papers

James McFadyen

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Pro-Series Manuscript Papers

Most traditional manuscript papers are photocopies or prints from an office-laser printer costing no more than a £1000. JMP uses a specialised print shop to print our products and we are now offering our unique Pro-Series Manuscript Papers. Printed on extra-thick glossy paper and digitally printed on an oil-based print machine costing over £50,000.

JMP's Pro-Series Manuscript Papers feature incredible quality and smoothness ensuring this is the best manuscript paper around. it is exceptionally easy to write on, there is no comparison. We set the new benchmark, and it's high!

JMP have tried to keep the manuscript at a reasonable price and since the manuscripts are not photocopies, but each one individually reproduced in the digital domain, we are a little higher than the competition, but getting super-quality anything does carry with it a little extra expense, but money well spent!!! This is a Pro-Series Manuscript from JMP, and Pro's deserve nothing less than the best quality around!

We make to order, we can cater for any musical outfit or any combination of instruments, no matter how rare they are, just email me at and i'll reply back to you with a form attched for you to fill in for your manuscipt requirements.

We only deal in muliples of 10, but each sheet is double sided, therefore 10 sheets equates to 20 pages. for every 50 sheets you buy, get £10 off!

A4 £6.00 (for every 10 sheets)
A3 £11.50 (for every 10 sheets)

Roger Thorne

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James McFadyen said:
Pro-Series Manuscript Papers

A4 £6.00 (for every 10 sheets)
A3 £11.50 (for every 10 sheets)
Is this serious or a wind-up?

James, I think you've arrived about 50 years too late with this one. With the onset of modern day Computerised Music Notation Systems I think 'posh' manuscript paper has long gone - especially at that price! :shock:

A4 = £300 per Ream (500 sheets)
A3 = £575 per Ream

You can buy 'reputable' brands like Basildon Bond, Conqueror and Croxley Script all for about £20 per ream (A4) which is more than suitable for writing music. And as for printing - Nowadays, I can't tell the difference if something has been printed on a 'digital oil-based print machine costing £50,000' or a good quality laser printer costing £100 from your local officer suppliers, and I worked in the printing industry for over 20 years.

As for 'Glossy' manuscript paper, well, in my opinion its probably the worst type of paper for writing anything on, let alone music.

Stick with a good quality cartridge paper.
Cost - about £5.75 from your nearest branch of 'Staples' or W.H. Smith.


James McFadyen

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well well,

As for quallity, I can aaure you anyone will notice the differance. A lot of composers disregard manuscript paper and are happy to print it on to standard inkjet paper, etc, and that's fine for them.

Many people have requested manuscript paper from me because of my exceptional print quality.

The paper type is also extremely important for some serious composers. As I said this is a Pro-Series manuscript, if your happy with your less-than-adequate laser prints (if you even have a laser printer) then so be it.

Besides anybody selling normal photopied manuscript is very easily photocopied by the buying, so they only need to but one pack then just photocopy the rest, with mine you can't.

As a publisher, specifically as a music publisher, print quality and paper type is everything and I would never put out a product printed from my office printer, never in a million years, customers deserve the best of the best of the best and nothing less, it's about time some publishers (that I have delt with) realise this!

Sorry if I seem roiled up, I've got huge March in Falkirk and I'm a little rush and no time bull s**t.

Thanks for your opinons anyway.

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