Sold/Expired Private Brass Tuition


I'm a classroom music teacher who also teaches brass (mostly cornet and horn) privately. The students I have are mostly through my bands youth band. I'm interested in finding more students (due to an impending morgage) but don't really know how to go about it. Does anyone have any tips on free advertising etc.

Any help gratefully recieved!!!! :D

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
shop windows; local schools; car window(?!); anywhere! everywhere!

internet sites...

you name it- look around and you'll see free advertising :)
Private tuirion


I recently moved to Yorkshire from London. Within 3 months, I now have over 20 private pupils - though I teach percussion and piano, not brass!

I advertised in local shops, the local papers, and did a pitch around all the local schools at the beginning of term. I had planned to set up a website, but to be honest I don't feel it's necessary now.

Good luck.

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