Prestige Tenor Horn


Will there be a Prestige Tenor Horn on the market does anyone know? A friend of mine just asked, think he might be buying a new tenor horn soon.

Any other recommendations? I know he hates the short leadpipe on the Besson sov.s!


Well the Prestige horn is 'in the pipeline' so to speak, but looks like it's quite a way off production stage. Last i heard was 6 prototypes had been made and were in development stage. That was last August but i doubt it's got much further than that.

It could be a lonnng wait! :roll:


Does anyone know if there's been any progress on the prestige horns? I'm going to be looking for a new instrument soon and I'd like to have a look at the prestige.


i play a soverain tenor horn it has a good sound and is well build for intermedets and proffesinals alike. if you are a begginner who wants a good tenor dont buy a Jupiter go and get yorself a Yamaha these are a bit dearer but produce a much better sound.

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