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30 November 2003
News release: IMMEDIATE


The BHK (UK) Ltd Horden band has won the coveted First Section of the Mineworkers Brass Band Championships, held on Saturday the 29th of November, at the Butlins Mineworkers Festival in Skegness. This new win for the band bolsters its fast-rising status and position in the highly competitive brass band league tables, which are adminstered by the National Contesting Council.

The 27-strong band – the recent winners of the 2003 First Section of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain – won in competition against 13 other bands, including close rivals Riddings and Gresley Old Hall, and walked off with the top prize of £875 and the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation Challenge Trophy.

Judged by David Read, the band performed off the ninth spot during the four-hour competition, playing a 10-minute rendition of Dean Goffin’s “Rhapsody in Brass”. Mr Read described the BHK band’s performance as “outstanding”, and also praised its musical director Wilf Beddell for his unique interpretation of Goffin’s popular piece.

Delighted with their success, BHK’s Band Manager Ray Hutchinson said: “To say we were apprehensive, is a slight understatement, but I’m glad we rehearsed hard beforehand as we all knew Skegness would be a tough one. Luckily, it now looks like we’re on a winning streak, so we’re quietly confident for our chances at the Regional Qualifiers in 2004. Naturally, I’d like to thank all the band members for their hard work, and Jim Cunningham at BHK for his support.”

The band will now prepare for its next challenge – to win the Regional Qualifiers, due to be held in Darlington on the 21st of March 2004, and go forward to compete at the National Brass Band Championships which will be held at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2004. If they win at the Albert Hall, they will have achieved the coup of having risen from the lowest level in the brass band league tables to the very top in less than 5 years.


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Yey come on the Horden lot!!! Just shows you that hard work does pay off (sometimes). See you all soon


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Quite an achievement, anyone got any idea how much the personnell has changed since the 4th section days?


When BHK band got the sponsorship deal the band was actually on its knees withb about 4-8 players turning up to rehersals. Thus thanks to great management and hard work a band has been built from the remains of a proud old band. No one to date has been replaced as there were so many empty chairs to start with. Aw, wot a happy tale. :guiness

Okiedokie of Oz

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so basically the dodgy players sacked themselves???? Well, that's one way to get ahead!

It's good to see a band rise from the ashes of the phoenix. Even if I have noooo idea who they are!!!


Congrats to Chiz, Holmesy and all at Horden. Well not so much Chiz you cornet playing lout!



There is plenty of the mighty Hepworth blood running through those Horden veins with Messrs Holmes & Chisholm!


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