How many times a week do you practice

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I practice every day, whenever I have nothing better to do (and watching Richard and Judy no longer counts as "something better...") but our neighbours are very nice about it, and usually say how much they enjoy it (ego boost!). I'm sure once I've started Uni I'll have to find somewhere more isolated to practice... then again, they do have a lot of fields...


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I try to practice every day, even if its only for a little bit. I found it extremely hard to motivate myself during the recent summer break we had from band though!


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I aim to practice every day, even if its only 10 mins. The day before a rehearsal i'll take it easy - i've given myself a lip bashing and the next day at rehealsal bin s**t because I can't play longer than a min at a time without me lip goin'!

If you make it part of a routine - it becomes easier - you'll feel guilty if you miss one!

i feel out of place now - i practise everyday - i feel bad if i don't, and enjoy doing it too! I often practise in 45mins-1hr slots depending on the success of the practise and how i'm feeling. and i'll normally do anything between 3 and 5 hours practise a day depending on whats going on. But then I'm at school only doin one A-Level subject so i have a tonne of time in school with some top notch practise facilities which helps alot!


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Yea, I try and play everyday, so it works out that I practise at home around 4 times a week. I don't play at home on days when I have band or a lesson. But recently things have been a bit hectic with college and uni applications so i haven't practised as much as i'd like!