How many times a week do you practice

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I have put 3/4 times a week and I try to stick to it but I have to be honest and say I struggle as I also have 2 children to look after.
I take my hat off to the ones who practice seven days a week.
I'm sure if I could manage it I would be a better player but I'm happy as it is and think my life outside banding is important too!!!


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usually 5 days a week, but I'll be honest and admit that it mightn't be the world's most productive practice...

try for an hour - usually works out at about 45 mins...


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I try and practice most days, but I also like to practise my other instruments too so I have to be honest and say it's usually about 3 times a week.

More to the LONG do we all practice for? I aim for at least an hour.

Rach x


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I hardly ever have time to practise - I'm always doing something else y'know!! With GCSE's and hmk and stuff trying to get to band can sometimes be a problem, even more so when we have to go early for sectionals on more days than usual - but hey, I'm probably just making excuses for myself:D:D:D:D:D:D:?


Ben ;)


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I must confess to not practising anything like as much as I should. As a BBb bass player, without my own transport, there are obvious difficulties involved, but I know that is only an excuse, really. I do try to do some breathing exercises most days, and will someiimes manage an extra session in the bandroom on a weekend, particularly if there is anything tricky in the pad. With the saxophone, in theory my first instrument, it tends to come out for a few sessions in the couple of weeks before I have to play it out anywhere.


I try to practice everday. But I dont go at it for 1hr 2hr solid. What I do is play for 20mins take 15mins off. Play for 20 mins take 15mins off. I schedule it round watching telly ( sad I know ) and my practice time takes about 3 hours but im not blowing all the time. Same as in band. And i feel my lip is stronger for it.

1st 20 mins long notes practice mute in.
2nd arban and langley bashing.
3rd go through my blazavich
4th solo stuff and warm down

plus i do breathing and diaphragm exercises at work. ( im sat down most of the time and it relives the tedium of work)
I have a "blow" for 20 mins to 2 hrs daily depending on how I feel on the day........however I'm retired from work and have plenty of time on my hands. When I was working (travelling salesman) I practised every night in a hotel with a practise mute in. What's the old saying? If you leave it alone for one day (PRACTISING :oops: ) you know about it, if you leave it alone for two days the band knows about it and if you leave it alone for three days the whole world knows about it!! :roll: :roll: :roll:


I average at 4 times a week, plus the two rehursals...I practice 30 mins a day and if working weekends that's it, if not an hour on sat and sunday :)

satchmo shaz

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I try and have a blow about 3or 4 times a week, but I conduct as well so ...... depends how much time I have . sometimes its everyday like when I have a show or just once or twice!
Being at the RNCM I have to set aside a number of hours for personal practice per day.

On average I'd say around 2 hours for personal practice, on top of that either a personal lesson with my tutor at college, horn class with all the Tenor horn players at college, college band rehearsals or chamber ensembles.

When I have a performance platform (solo recital) coming up, in a few weeks for instance, Im trying to do as much as I can with three new pieces to prepare :cry:

I do have a life honest!! lol


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debatable ;)

i do something like that too... probably a bit less as i spend a lot of time travelling to and from rncm!
and the practise i do get in, tends to be in arfon's kitchen!!!


sparkling_quavers said:
How much do you practice out of the rehearsal room? honest!!

Practise - well I reckon - every day - and I probably miss only 1 or 2 days a month.....

duration - some days 15 mins - but if I don't get a good hour or so once a week - I'll make time at the weekend.....

Just wish the kids practised too - but good ol' Satchmo Shaz teaches them for me once or twice a they have played the finals and qualified at the regionals they are as keen as ...... whatever is really keen...but still don't practise that much.

And I still get to have a work out on drums once or twice a week....... hey at least I don't get bored !!!!


With all the distractions around, such good T.V :wink: Its hard sometimes to motivate myself.

I especially find it hard to practise on a band night, cos if i dont do it before I wont do it after. If i do anything after band it is normally finishing college work. When I can I try to do about an hour a day but it ends up more like an hour 4/5 times a week. If I happen to have my instrument at college and I am free I will do a bit of practise then (if theres a free practise room!!) , but because college is far away on the bus I get home fairly late, and after Ive done some work its nearly time to go to band.

Look at me making excuses! but i think u kno what i mean, its definatly easier to practise during the holidays, and especially after exams are over for another year!


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'practice'. i'm in a philosophical mood. if you play your instrument, is that not practice? be it at band or at home? the way I see it, you can practice to get better, not everyone does, or you can 'go through the motions' to keep your lip in (as at band). both types are equally important for getting better, as are days off for your muscles to relax and rebuild. I don't think you should ever practice 7 days a week, but undoubtedly people do, say the week before NYBB (those solos need to be perfect!). but recooperation is as important as practice, just as quiet is as important as loud.


Seeing as it has just been the Easter hols i've been really lazy and hardly practiced at all! But normallly I practice about 6 days a week because my teacher at college is terrifying! :shock: I turned up at my lesson several weeks ago having not done a lot of practice and he was telling me off continously for about 20 minutes. He was sooo scary that I will never turn up for a lesson again unless i've practiced loads!

I also agree that practicing lots in small 15 or 20 min slots rather than one long practice is better - I'm able to get more done this way as my lip doesn't tire so quickly.
I find that playing every single day is probably bad as I need a day to let my lip muscles relax! :D :hammer

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