practice time, and keeping the neighbors happy!!!

I don't really practise much but when i do its whenever I fancy! It's not my problem if the neighbours don't like it! I've got a drum kit too so that makes them even happier! I've got a practise mute and it really does keep the noise down and i've found i can play quite a bit louder since i've been using it too.

Big Twigge

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I'm playing neighbours are a field away and are on the greater side of three quarters aged ~their hearing isn't what it used to be hehe :wink:

Brian Kelly

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I have very good neighbours with whom I get on really well, so I try and keep it that way. I always practice with either my practice mute or my Yamaha Silent Brass mute, usually no later than 9pm, very rarely until 9.30, but no later. I've lived in my current house (semi - detached) for 10 years now, with no complaints.


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super_sop said:
Unfortunately i have a problem with my neighbors (sp!) and they dont like me practicing, it doesnt matter what time of day it is!

I had this problem when I was in my final year at Uni. I lived in a shared house and we had a woman who lived next door who complained if she heard ANY noise at all. It ended up getting into quite a bad situation with her. When we first moved in I was practicing (with a mute in) at about 2pm in the afternoon and she jsut started banging on the wall and cursing! I thought it was very rude. I then found out she worked shifts and went around prepared to have a polite conversation with her about what sort of times me (and my other housemate who played brass as well) could practice that wouldn't keep her awake. She just went ballastic!!! :shock: I was perfectly prepared to be more than reasonable about things, but when she spoke to me like that I didn't see why I should to put myself out to help her and her work patterns. Perhaps she had had years of parties all night (with living in a student area) and now any little noise just sent her over the edge :? What I really didn't understand was we were seriously very quiet for a student house. When the next set of people came around to look at the house when we were leaving I remember thinking 'now she will know what real noise is' :lol:

Dave Euph

Well, a couple of years ago my old neighbour (coincidence? :)) threatened me and my parents for the noise making ... mostly my euphonium playing, my mum's piano playing and my brother's occasional trombone playing.

This would happen a few times, including the old banging-on-the-wall technique. After he hit my dad (it can't have hurt him too much because he laughed and slammed the door on him) we got the police involved. An agreement was reached which was that I would not play after 9pm ... which I was fine with.

Of course the wall-banging continued and he still complained. Problems I will work with (a more-recent neighbour was far more polite and I agreed to stop playing because of their personal situation), but down-right rudeness will just encourage me to play louder folks.

Basically play at reasonable times ... early evening being a good one. I don't see any reason then why they should complain when they either blast out their hi-fi system or jam in their home-studio.

OK, that isn't the case with everyone ... but basically, although annoying your neighbours isn't the way to go ... they have nowhere to go if you want to practise during reasonable hours.

Naomi McFadyen

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When I lived in Plymouth I could play drums (or anything else- but mainly drums) for hours and hours and hours, no complaints... in fact if anyone came over it was to say they enjoyed listening to me bang i mean play.... :)

Few years on, I moved upto Tavistock (14miles North of Plymouth).... got a shed, in goes drum kit... after weeks I was the talk of the street... one woman just hated it- talked to everyone *but* my household about it... and by Xmas I had a knock on the door, was about 3.30, I had been playing an hour, just about finished.... next door neighbour says.... "my daughter is trying to do her homework and I'm trying to sleep cos I work night shifts.... i love drums but....."


I was like... ummm, ur daughter prolly just walked in the door from school and I'm hardly gonna play at night, am I- (like, I was aware he worked nights!!!) :roll: :p ..... but I let my mum deal with him, while I smiled sweetly, him thinking it was the "son" playing away.... MWAHAHA!

Now I've moved up North, my drum kit lives in the bandroom and I wouldnt play it in the house I'm in... the area is nice, people very kind, but I'll stick to my cornet and saxohone in the house during daytime and save my "banging" for the bandroom...


Will the Sec

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Have had some trouble with the neighbours on account of them waking me up with loud music at 6.30 (and earlier) in the morning.

According to the lease to which we are both party, all must be quiet between 11pm and 7.30am. This lease is based on the standard environmental health legislation.

When faced with a copy of the lease up his nose, the annoyance ceased.

Your practice regime is not unreasonable. Why use a mute if they're going to whinge anyway? You could actually take them to court for failing to allow you to live in a reasonable manner "without let or hindrance." :twisted:

Liz Courts

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I like to think that my neighbours can't hear me practising :shock: :p

But unfortunately they can - I have been complemented on my piano playing, but not so much the cornet... :? ...I don't know if it's the instrument or the skill :dunno

*I'm thinking it's most likely the skill*


My neighbour has a 5/6 year old child so I try to practise early evening - say no later than 8-8.30pm which is when he goes to bed. I have checked with out with her and she doesn't seem to mind.

I often worry about the noise levels when I'm out of the house though as my other half likes to play his CD's and radio rather loudly!!!! :roll:

As a housing officer who regularly deals with noise pollution complaints especially with complaints of loud amplified music.......I just tend to remind folks that their neighbours do need considering, be reasonable and also to keep the noise down after 10pm.

Problem is though everyone tends to have their own tolerance levels.... :roll:


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I always try to practice at a reasonable time say between 7:00pm-8:30pm and I play in the room farthest from the neighbours (and it has a good acoustic). I don't think they mind - I've never had any complaints anyway, although once when I was bashing an Area piece my neighbour asked me if I'd mastered "that bit you couldn't play" yet :oops:
Big Twigge said:
I'm playing neighbours are a field away and are on the greater side of three quarters aged ~their hearing isn't what it used to be hehe :wink:

But are the sheep going to complain? :wink:

blue euph

When I went to Minot State, I broke into the music building. :twisted: I figured everybody else was doing it so why can't I? If the security people actually enforced security and I got busted, I would of been in a lot trouble and likely would of been deported out of the US. Granted, at the time, the security people weren't too upset about it as that builiding was going to get renovated in a few years time. I wouldn't do that now b/c of the post 9/11 world we live in.

In one place I lived, the care taker knew that I was a musician and told me its ok for me to practice my euph. in the apartment. I had good neighbors too, a place where the wall thickness was reasonble so that helped.

I would say that practicing between 6pm-9pm and Saturday evenings to 10pm should be fair game where ever a person lives. It wouldn't hurt telling the neighbors that you play a musical instrument. Tell them when you tend to practice, its part of your outreach to the community. Also, let the landlord or the care taker of the place know too. Hopefully, you live in a place that has decent wall thickness. Maybe even turning on the rest room fan too would block some of the sound as well.

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