practice time, and keeping the neighbors happy!!!


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Thouyght of this while looking at the thread on what makes a good practice sesion.

What time of day do you practice?

Unfortunately i have a problem with my neighbors (sp!) and they dont like me practicing, it doesnt matter what time of day it is!.

its seems ok for them to be runing and shouing outside ot 6'oclock in the morning, but i cant make a noise at what |I term as a sensible time(5 to 6'oclock in the evening).

is there a law stating what time noise should be kept to a minimum?

I dont have a practice mute, but do use an old cup mute with the cup palced close to the bell to reduce the noise. But should i have to at that time of the evening?

any help would be gratefully recieved



legally they don't have a leg to stand on! as long as you practice at a reasonable hour and obviously NOT blow ur rockers off then it's fine.
have u spoken to ur neighbours about this situation to try and come to some sort of agreement.
Another solution is if you don't live too far from the band room, then see if you can have a set of keys to practice. I know quite a few people who have this agreement with their bands.!!
Best of luck, Hope it works out!


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I Know you're not allowed to beep your car horn between 11pm and 7am, that might help!

When we were growing up my brother and me played cornet/trombone/piano(twice) and percussion so there was always lots of noise, we both did our brass playing with a cup mute with a duster in it, that really keeps the noise down and builds the sound and stamina too!


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We're quite fortunate with our neighbours, who have never objected to the sounds of practice - one even told my son he liked to hear him playing his drum kit as he used to play himself in the past!

Having said that, most of my practising is done at the weekends, and I would hesitate to play too early in the morning or after 8pm. When I've wanted to do some louder bass playing I have generally gone down to the hall and found some space there!


I believe that legally you are allowed to make 'reasonable' noise between 7 am and 11 pm with your neighbours having no recourse to complain to authorities. I understand you not wanting to upset them however.

I invested in a Silent Brass system but still don't attempt to practice after 9pm until I move into my detached house!!


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I think after 10 they can complain about prolonged noise (I used to do quintet practices in my house, so had to check these things out) but before then you can do pretty much what you like. Practicing at 5/6 pm should be fine (that's when I practice!!) so if you feel like it you can tell them where they can stick their moaning and complaining... :D

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It may be easier just to speak to the people next door..
I had some new people move in, a couple of months ago, once the obligatory introductions were over and done with, we came to a nice solution..

I can practise anytime I want to, upto 7.30 at night and they are happy with that...

Talking to people first, is always better than using fists & feet..


Well those who know me will be amazed to know that I actually practised the other day :oops: :shock: :shock:
When our neighbours moved in they kept us awake till the early hours of various days singing (well i'll describe it as that at a push!) karaokee!
After us complaining and the people on the other side of the road!!!!!!!! :!: they finally stopped doing it after 11.30ish!
So I have no quarms in practicing at any time of the day (well when I do it!) and have done it occassionaly quite early in the moring :twisted:

With nice neighbours I would talk to them and sort out an earliest and latest time. With your neighbours craig I don't know, as long as you do it at a reasonable time they shoud just accept it!


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Thanks for your help everyone, i have spoken to my neighbours, about the noise they were making some time ago, and this doesnt seem to have helped the situation.

It all ended in a slanging match over the fence, which hasnt helped my siuation now. it doesnt seem to matter what time i do it at alway seems to anoy them. all this is a far cry form when they 1st moved in and i told them i was a musician. they seemed quite happy for me to practice. i just think its them tryin to be a pain.

From what people have said on here and at work i think ill just carry on as i am. and maybe bye myself a proper practice mute


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I had a similar problem when practising at my mums. Her neighbour actually called the council to complain so enviromental health came out to investigate. The gentleman who called laughed his head off when he came and found out what I was doing. He has told me legally I can practice and make as much noise as I like between 8am and 10pm.

Funny enough I can't practice at home as Chewytuba and I end up criticising each other ending off in a huge fight


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Well if they're not prepared to apologise for the noise they made, you could always just not buy a practice mute and play a nice bit of mahler right up until 10pm...


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my neighbours are luvin it!!!! there top though!! we live in a detached house so it isnt really that bad but they can still hear as i have a separate music room which is right next to their wall but even acroos the road say they can hear but they said they enjoy it!!!

i try not to practise after 10 at night cos theres a young child across the road and it would be kind of unfAir on them! but there have been times when ive had to practise quite early in the mornin but ive never had a complaint!!


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I used to have neighbours like that... one old lady even asked why I'd stopped playing for a few days when she saw me walking the dog! It's much easier to get on with the neighbours if they appreciate quality music!

...well maybe quality's a bit of an exaggeration, more competent...

...well, i suppose competent might be being a bit too kind...

well, they appreciated whatever it was I was playing! :D


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my neighbours say they enjoy it, but I don't know if they do or not! I'll keep practicing at decent hours, and they'll keep saying they like it, so no problem, I guess I'm very lucky!
i thaught i'd practice the other day to annoy may housemates :twisted: (usually try to do it when their out or with a mute). trouble was they actually sed they enjoyed it and found it "theraputic" :cry: - flippin nutters

i am suffering deep phschological trauma as a result


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Well done Sam! :wink:

My neighbours don't mind me practicing, they say it's sounding really well at the moment so it gives me a boost of confidence to practice even more!

I think that neighbours should allow people to practice. You are entitled to do what you like in your own home, I understand that it can be difficult in houses that are joined (can't remember the term- only remember detatched and semi- detatched :? )
If they have a problem then discuss with them the best time/ why they have a problem with it.
If they are persistently complaining put them on Britain's worst neighbours on Channel 3! :lol: Only joking!

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