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Hi, has anybody on here done any of these?
I quite fancy doing one of the teaching diplomas, what is the best college to go through ?
Trinity ?
Guildhall ?
Is there any benefit of doing a performance diploma first? Would that excuse me from the practical element of the teaching exam ?


yeah i m interested in doing a teaching diploma in percussion

dont know much about them thugh any advice gr8tful!!



I've been looking at doing diplomas myself for a few years now and the general structure seems to be do a performance one and then move to a teaching one.

THe more straight forward ones appear to be the trinity college ones. Starting with a performance diploma (ATCL) and then yu can move on to the Licentiate diploma (LTCL) either in performance or teaching then you get a (TD) extension.

They have examinations centres all over the country as well.


I think all the diplomas are 'much of a muchness'!!

When I was at music college, the 'Associate' Diplomas (ALCM/ATCL/AGRSM etc.) were performance and theory based. The Licenciate was only performance, as was the Fellowship.

Don't forget to look at the London College of Music (at Thames Valley Uni) Telephone: 0208 231 2364 for their syllabus. Many of their syllabi have been renewed recently - especially all the percussion stuff!

My advice would be to check how much the Boards are charging, and how long you have to study for them - I believe that the set works can change on a regular basis.

Good luck!!!!


I did the Trinity Performer's Diploma, there wasn't that much difference in the syllabus with the ABRSM one but it was much less hassle and paper work etc. I would have had to go up to London to do ABRSM.
Though ABRSM does have the advantage of letters after your name and it does get more recognition with people sometimes.
The Trinity one basically involved playing 4 pieces, introducing them, writing programme notes, viva voce and you had to dress formally.
Also when you do Trinity you only have to wait a few days to get results, not 6 weeks or something like ABRSM.

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