How should porridge be made and served

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After reading the weetabix debate it crossed my mind that this might be an ideal place to sort out an argument between ChewyTuba and myself. We both love porridge. I believe it should always be made by adding milk to the oats then served with sugar, golden syrup, cream or some other sweet accompaniment. Chewy belives it should be made by adding water to the oats and served with salt (yuk :hammer ). Who is right or are we both wrong. cast your votes now please


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super_sop said:
definately to be made with milk, with a huge lump of jam stuck in the middle

'Tis nice with jam, like rice puddin' also nice with a huge blob aof jam!!!


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I used to put a nice big swirl of Golden Syrup in the middle of my porridge, plus I liked it so thick that you could stand your spoon in it. Or even apply it as rendering to a wall ;)


My dad's recipe for porridge was thus...

oats:milk:water ratio of 1:1:2 with a little cocoa powder mixed in... CHOCOLATE PORRIDGE!!! then loads of golden syrup all over the place, some in the bowl, and a bit of ice-cold milk to cool it down.


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I had never taken porridge with salt until I spent a couple of months staying in Greenock. Now I am quite happy to have it either way - made with water and served with salt - with slice sausage to follow! - or made with milk and served with sugar . . . depends how the mood takes me :wink:


If you fancy porridge done slightly different try putting in a mashed banana while it's warming up, and use some honey to sweeten!!


Big Twigge said:
I'd say dark brown sugar is best tro sweeten porridge, but half milk and half water so its not too creamy.

Thats how I like it too :) And really thick.
Cant beat a good bowl of porridge to start off a day in the field.

then loads of golden syrup all over the place, some in the bowl,
Oh really? ;) :)


Instructions for making porridge:
Put on kettle.
Tear open sachet of instant Golden Syrup flavour porridge, and tip contents into bowl.
Pour on boiling water.
Eat whilst watching GMTV in the morning, slopping most of it down ones chin.
Go to work.
If not at work...skip first 4 instructions and slap two pieces of toast in the toaster!

Ooops - forgot most important part:
Skip all instructions and let hubby do it for you, apart from "going to work" (unfortunately)

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