Poor attendance at Europeans and contests/concert in general


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Golden-Hynd said:
I think every1 stayed away coz u were there John!!! HA.

Or maybe they had heard your planned solo rectial with YBS in the Gala concert was cancelled mate!!!!

Hope you are well, not as Dobcross anymore?
No mate, that would make every1 suddenly buy tickets. I'm not bad thanks u? No, not at dobcross anymore. had to concentrate on work at uni much to their dislike! o well, such is life. hows things at rothwell? cu in couple of weeks i guess. I'll be in the audience cheering u on!!


P.s. I think we should get our own footie shirts this year but your gonna have to get a transfer in coz I'm not at TMS this year!


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PeterBale said:
On the question of attracting a new audience, I wonder how many of us have invited non-banding friends to attend a concert or contest recently :?: .

i did invite my friends to a bank holiday fete we played at, and they were going to come along, but to be fair they didnt turn up because of the weather (i wasnt really expectin them to really).
i dont think my friends would want to come to an evening concert, purely because i dont think they share the same passion for brass banding as i do, but they do generally seem willing to come along and listen to us at a fete or something.


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Brought sister to Europeans last weekend, and have half-converted her. She went away muttering about "buying CDs"
Re: Poor attendance at contests

Paul McLaughlin said:
why the British National Anthem at all, why not Ode To Joy, given that it was the European Championships?

was the British National Anthem played when the contest was held abroad? the National Anthem (flower of Scotland dosent count :wink: ) of the country hosting the contest should be played at the contest!