please read dissertation on muscles & embouchures


Hello everyone, :lol:

I was wondering if you could all look at the written work for my end of course lecture recital (MA).

Please read the masters degree dissertation on embouchures and muscles in brass playing.

I have used some well known brass players from the UK and asked them about how they think that they play!

In the lecture I also used 8 “guinea pigs”! and videoed the proceedings.

I have also been reading lots of your postings in order to research my findings.

Please would you all let me know what you think.

I had to re-think my set-up in 1992 when I had a serious car accident and put my teeth into my steering wheel – through my lower lip and

then in 1998 I developed a lung disease called Sarcoidosis.

These two problems made me really think about my playing and I then decided to use musculature in brass playing using “Gray’s Anatomy” as a


The dissertation is situated on my nearly finished web site :

My old website:

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