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In the 60s I played with the Hayes and Harlington Silver band.......much late to become Hillingdon Borough.
We played a test piece called "The Yorkshire Ridings".
I have searched high and low for any record of this piece but I have drawn a blank.
As far as I can remember,it had 4 movement,one for each riding (North,south east west).It is a glorious test piece and I cannot even remember the composer.
Please can anyone help.
Thanks all.


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I'm sorry I cant help with the composer, or the piece, I'm not familiar with it at all, but it was used in the second section as the set test piece in 1959 - perhaps there is someone from a band who played in the contest can dig it out from the back corner of their library? The piece is listed as "Yorkshire Riding's Suite", I assume that this will be the same piece?


Hi, I'm the librarian at Corby Silver and according to my records we do have the particular test piece you are referring to. Give me a couple of days and I should be able to provide you with a composer, if nothing else - though hopefully may also get the date and publisher.
Sunshine x

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