Please help me!


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I need help!
I don't know whether to go for eviction or go "on holiday". So, I am asking you, the good people of tmp to give your opinions (poll maybe plz mods??) Do you think i should save my own place in the house or go gracefully? Please reply - as you know I have until 5pm and I plan to pm Boc Bro at about 20 to 5 - don't want to be leaving it until the last minute!!
No poll is to be added, sorry groovy. This must be your decision, and yours alone. However, tMPers can give you advice as to your predicament.


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:oops: Ok.
I wasn't planning to base my decision on the poll, I just wanted to know what everyone thought.

2nd man down

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as a fellow housemate I say stay in, give us someone else to show round the house for a week and then come back refreshed for the final nomination scrap…much more fun than just bowing out. You’ve made it this far…don’t give in!!
We’re just getting to the massive bun fight bit!!!


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as a watcher of the BOC brother forum i would say stay in and just get a replacement in for a week or however long. then u can be evicted properley at some point, or even possibly win BOC brother!

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