Please help me! :(


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I was just tidyin my desk and I found a huge greasy patch right in the middle! :( I've tried getting it off with washing up liquid and water but it didn't work! Does anyone know how to remove it? If at all?!


Vicki x

Brian Bowen

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According to the can, WD-40

Locates and stops squeaks: chairs, rollers, hinges, cars, wheels, moving parts.
Effectively cleans most surfaces of:
grease, tar, adhesives
Protects against rust and corrosion: equipment, tools, firearms.
Displaces moisture:
drives moisture off wet engines, spark plugs.
Loosens rusted parts, penetrates and frees parts, bolts, valves, locks.

It contains petroleum distillates.
There, does that help? :)


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Vickitorious said:
lol! I might have a go with that. Well, get my mum or dad to anyway! :wink:


Why do I get the feeling that means more work for me? :?

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